About Us

The Great Lakes Surf Festival is a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization that is dedicated to educating and training the public for the purpose of improving their water related board sports capabilities, their knowledge of the Great Lakes, water safety, and water access. We are a group of experienced surfers and boarders who have a heart for the Great Lakes surfing community and are focused on sharing the stoke and on giving back.

The Great Lakes Surf Festival is not a surfing contest and not just a festival. It is a celebration of Great Lakes surf culture and is open to all types of board sports disciplines that enjoy the surf. The Great Lakes surf culture has benefited from a long rich history of prior surf related events such as the revered Dairyland Surf Classic. The Great Lakes Surf Festival promises to build on this history and pave the way to a rising new generation of Great Lakes surf enthusiasts.

"The goal of our festival is to bring people together and most of the water activities will focus on fun for all ages and a safe family atmosphere. Imagine a late summer day on an amazing beach, doing what you love and surrounded by so many like minded people from all over the Great Lakes, who share the same passion. This is our goal."

Joe & Tammy Bidawid - Co-Founders