How much does it cost to register to the Great Lakes Surf Festival?
We have three event entry options for adults and one kids (16 and Under) pass (Must be accompanied by an adult). These options are:

- General Event Pass $10: Enjoy workshops, yoga, music, board swap, and our free raffle. Does not cover beginner lessons..

- Active Event Pass - $20: Enjoy entire event including Surf and SUP beginner lessons.

- Family Pass - $20: Provides Active Passes for 6 family member or less with only one person required to register. Kids (16 and younger and accompanied by an adult)

Registration to the GLSF is not refundable, therefore, we ask that you carefully select your purchase choices.

Do I need to be present at the event to win raffle prizes?

Where can I purchase tickets for GLSF?
GLSF event passes are only available for purchase through our website. No other websites or organizations are allowed to sell or resell these products. Unfortunately, we will not be able to honor any fraudulent passes or reservations that are not purchased through our website.

Are tickets refundable?
Registration to the GLSF is not refundable. Our merchandise are not exchangeable or refundable. Due to this, we kindly ask that you carefully select your purchase choices, products and sizing.

Is beach camping available in 2021?
Due to logistical difficulties, beach camping will not be available this year.

Is RV camping available in 2021?
Due to logistical difficulties, RV camping will not be available this year.

What are the hours of GLSF?
The main event on Saturday August 14th will start at 12:30 PM and last until 7:00 PM.

Is there an age limit to register?
No. Anyone can register. Those under 16 must be accompanied by a registered adult.

How do I volunteer?
We welcome volunteers. Those interested can register on the site by filling out our volunteer form. Volunteer will receive a free event day pass including an event t-shirt.

Will there be music?
YES!! We have a great line-up of local bands.

What Can I bring/Not bring in to festival ground?
GLSF is a family friendly event and kids are welcomed as long as they are accompanied by an adult. No Pets are allowed on the beach per city rules. No loud music, fireworks, alcohol or drugs.

Will there be food at GLSF?
YES! We will have food vendors at GLSF during the main event on Saturday.

Where can I park?
You must pay for city parking that is adjacent to the event site.You can park anywhere along beach street or at any or Pere Marquette park parking lots. Come early if you want to park close. There is normally a line for people waiting to get in. and some parking spaces can be up to 1/4 mile away.

Is there shade/ rain cover available?
GLSF is an open air event so if there is a chance of rain please bring proper coverage.

Can I bring a pop up tent?
No, our site plan is not built to handle pop up tents, but you are welcome to set them up outside the event space on the beach.

Where can I contact the organizer with any other questions?