Pro Am Paddle Race

The Pro Am Paddle Race is the event within the event and separate from the fun class races within GLSF. It is an elite 5-mile open water downwinder paddle race with two different starting points (One north and one South depending on the wind and wave conditions). Paddlers will finish the race at the main GLSF venue, greeted by a throng of riders and spectators.Prizes will be earned for the top finisher in each of the below divisions.

In case of strong on-shore swell, a modified elite surf slalom format will be adopted.

A team from SUP The Mag will be at GLSF to cover the Pro AM.

The Pro Am will consists of the following divisions:

- Elite SUP Men
- Elite SUP Women
- Elite Paddle Men (Kayak/Surfski)
- Elite Paddle Women (Kayak/Surfski)
- OPEN SUP Women
- OPEN Paddle Men (Kayak/Surfski)
- OPEN Paddle Women (Kayak/Surfski)
- OC Men
- OC Women

The Pro AM will offer Great Lakes paddlers the ultimate competitive test of stamina and handling of open ocean like conditions.

Registration for the Pro Am is a stand-alone item from our main event and the cost to enter the Pro Am is $75, however, Pro Am registered racers will receive a day pass to GLSF and a complimentary race rash guard. Space will be limited to 120 competitors.

The Pro Am Race will be run and directed by Mik DeBoet. Mik is a highly accomplished and experienced Great Lakes Waterman and a fixture in the boardsports industry.

Please email us for more information.

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