• Important Note The deadline for our Surf, SUP, and Kayak Lessons in Noon tomorrow (Noon on Friday August 17th). If you are interested in a lesson, you must sign up for the event and register for the lesson by then. Once you sign up, you can register for your lessons by using your electronic token or by simply emailing us so that we can add you the list. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate walk-in lessons requests, however, all non-lessons activities and workshop will be open to walk-in. We hope to see you on Saturday!
  • August 12th Here is our Register Participant, Camping, RV, and Vendor Check-In Instructions: View it HERE
  • July 26th Here is how you register for GLSF lessons and workshops: 1. Go to schedule of event: https://www.greatlakessurffestival.com/event-schedule 2. Click on any activity listed. 3. Click on sign-up. 4. Click on the word "here" to verify your token. 5. Cut and paste your token # and click VERIFY.
  • Important Note Please support GLSF by registering here prior to the event and in order to avoid any possible long admission lines on Saturday August 18th. Your registration will provide you access to the GLSF venue area via a wrist bracelet and allow you to participate in all of the events on our schedule of events page, including workshops, lessons, and raffles. You can register HERE
  • June 25th We have updated our Event Schedule: Visit Our Event Schedule HERE
  • June 17th The Pro Am registration will be available until 2:00 PM on Saturday August 18th.. You can register for the Pro Am HERE
  • June 15th This section will provide up-to-date information on GLSF and will be updated on a regular basis.